Custom Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration Services


RCare is a trust maintenance plan offered exclusively to our clients who have a living trust based estate plan.  The purpose of RCare is to provide an ongoing legal review of your estate, educational seminars and advisory support for funding issues.

Benefits provided each and every year:

  • Wright & Wright is responsible for monitoring changes in the law and advising members with an annual letter when amendments should be considered by the client.
  • No charge for phone calls.
  • Annual funding report and continued funding assistance.
  • Educational workshops for clients, advisors and client’s trustees/agents.
  • Communications with financial and tax advisors at no additional charge.
  • DocuBank membership(s)
  • Future meetings with Attorney and any needed amendments at reduced rates (two-thirds of standard hourly rate)


Future benefits:

  • Lower cost of administration upon death or disability of the Trustmaker(s).

It stands to reason: When documents are up to date and the asset inventory is current, it is much less time consuming for the tax and legal team to do the administrative work.

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