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We do more than create documents.  In fact, creating documents has been greatly simplified with the advent of computers and programs.  The most important thing we do is counsel clients so that we can assist with the creation of a document that gives voice to their values and expectations.

A big part of our job is to educate people as to the many options and opportunities that exist in a well crafted estate plan.


Client Only Workshops – In a continuing effort to educate and empower clients while fostering a long-term relationship, we offer our RCare clients workshops on a variety of estate planning issues.

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EP 101 – Whether you currently have a living trust as part of your estate plan or are interested in how one might work for you, we encourage you to take the time to come visit with us.

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Create Estate Planning Documents

Living Trusts – Effective substitutes for wills, Living Trusts have become the estate planning tool of choice for most Californians. Properly drafted and funded, they help by avoiding probate, unnecessary taxes and administrative expenses. They are also superior for planning for the possibility of a cognitive incapacity prior to one’s death.

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Powers of Attorney – A power of attorney appoints someone to act on your behalf in business and legal matters when you are unavailable or unable to manage your own affairs.

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Wills – Wills have been utilized for hundreds of years. The written instructions created during your lifetime govern the distribution of your property after death.

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Advanced Estate Planning – “Advanced Estate Planning” refers to the implementation of legal tools and techniques designed to reduce or eliminate Federal Estate Taxes. Some techniques are used primarily to further a business purpose or to provide asset protection from creditors, while simultaneously providing an estate tax benefit.

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Estate Administration

Probate – If you have a will based plan or no plan, you will have assets in your individual name at the time of your death or incapacity. Most often individual assets are subject to some probate procedure – whether that is an informal or formal probate depends on what the assets are and their fair market value at the time of your death.

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Trust Administration – A trust is a legal relationship, usually evidenced by a written document called a “Declaration of Trust” or “Trust Agreement,” whereby one person, called the “Trustmaker,” transfers property to another person, called the “Trustee,” who holds the property for the benefit of another person, called the “Beneficiary.”

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