Who We Serve

Client Characteristics

The people we serve usually have many of the following characteristics. Do some of the following points describe you?

  • You have worked hard to create your wealth.
  • Your money is not wasted on frivolous things.
  • You understand there are many powerful financial predators always after your wealth, such as taxes, lawsuits and divorcing “in-laws”
  • You want your children to be self-sufficient
  • The purpose of your estate is a hand up… not a hand out to beneficiaries
  • You want to provide your children with ethical guidelines and remind them of your values when it comes to money
  • If philanthropy is important – your plan will reflect your stewardship and be a visible statement of your values
  • You hold yourself accountable for being financially responsible
  • You spend less than you earn
  •  You are independent and always want to remain so    You have concerns (sometimes even fear) about the future
  •  You want to give your heirs the best opportunity possible to grow as individuals who will live meaningful and purposeful lives
  •  You are motivated to create a plan that offers your heirs the best opportunity to leverage whatever level of wealth you have created
  •  You may even want a legacy that empowers multiple generations of descendants

Client Worries

The kind of people described above often share many of the following worries. We counsel people who:

  • Worry about personal security, especially during a time of mental incapacity
  • Worry about children fighting after they die
  • Want to be as fair as possible in situations where “fair” is not necessarily “equal”
  • Worry about estate taxes – they never want to have to sell the family business or farm to pay estate taxes
  • Worry that their family unity could be fractured, or permanently destroyed after they are gone
  • Worry that their heirs do not share the dream that created their wealth or that the heirs are not capable of carrying it forward
  • Worry that their heirs will be frustrated by the rigidity of their existing plan
  • Worry their success will become a burden, not a blessing for their heirs
  • Worry their wealth will compromise, or even eliminate their children’s ability to be self sufficient and successful in their own right

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