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Estate Administration Services

Welcome to Wright & Wright Attorneys at Law, Inc. We’re glad you found us!

When we constructed this website, we had two objectives in mind:

  1. To provide you with information about estate planning options and opportunities that you may not be aware you have; and
  2. To help you use this information to determine what you should do about your personal estate plan.

At Wright & Wright, we focus exclusively on matters of estate planning and estate administration.  We don’t do anything else, so our attention is not divided!

Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Estate Planning are described within.  We’ll also tell you about how Probate and Trust Administration works.  Even though all these topics are related, the attorneys and staff at Wright & Wright have distinct areas of responsibility.

Why We Do It

We believe estate planning is much more than an administrative discipline; it is an intensely personal and human exercise that incorporates your values, wisdom, and core principles into what would otherwise be sterile and ultimately ineffective  documents. We truly have a passion for preserving your family’s values, wealth and heritage for generations.

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Who We Serve

We create estate plans for people who care about their personal security and the future of their family and beneficiaries. Our clients want plans that address the “people issues”, which are usually overlooked in “cookie cutter” forms. Clients choose our firm because they want estate plan documents that represent their unique values.

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What We Do

We help people avoid The Estate Transaction Trap. The trap is set by the way in which lawyers traditionally provide estate planning services. We don’t follow the traditional model. Instead, we use a proprietary process that helps our clients develop a full understanding of their planning options and implement estate planning tools that are appropriately tailored to their needs.